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Founded in the USA in 2013, the TrueScore Championship Series aims to hone quality athletes by providing high level competition experiences as well as sponsorship opportunities to assist athletes in reaching the next level in their growth. The primary focus has always been for the benefit of the athletes and the martial arts community. 

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Based on WKF (World Karate Federation) Rules and Regulations, the Truescore Championship Series presents events for technology enhanced Sport Karate Point Sparring competition. 

Moderated and governed by Sensorsports under the umbrella of TrueScore Championship Series.

PSS (Point Scoring System): TrueTAPS

Awards and prizes: TBA dependent on event

Tae Kwon Do

Based on WT (World Taekwondo) Rules and Regulations, the TrueScore Championship Series presents events for Olympic Taekwondo sparring competition using the best in PSS technology. 

Moderated and governed by TrueScore Championship Series. 

PSS (Point Scoring System): Daedo TK-Strike

Awards and prizes: TBA dependent on event

Partners and Collaborators

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