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Distributors: USA

TrueScore HQ

Based in California

Email: sales@truescore.com

Phone: (510) 556-5516 ext 102

Based in Michigan
Email: sales@tkdscore.com
Phone: (517) 618-0208

Daedo Truescore USA
Based in Florida
Email: masterdejesususa@hotmail.com
Phone:(305) 467-9736


Distributors: Canada

Based in Montreal

Nicholas Petrone

Email: info@daedocanada.com

Phone: (514) 815-2122

Distributors: Puerto Rico

Based in Florida

Gerardo de Jesus
Email: masterdejesuspur@gmail.com

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Phone: (510) 556-5516

General Inquiries: sales@truescore.com

Technical support: james@truescore.com