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In the early 2000’s, CnoWire Inc (DBA: TrueScore) developed the technology behind the Daedo Olympic Taekwondo PSS (Point Scoring System). Using the same expertise in contact sport sensor technology, TrueScore now introduces the TrueTAPS System.
TrueTAPS, also known as True Technology Assisted Point Scoring, is unlike TrueScore’s Olympic Taekwondo PSS in that the TrueTAPS system is a self-contained visual aid based on “touch” which can be equated to a low level impact to scoring zones like the body and the head.
The goal for the TrueTAPS System is to have a quick and simple set up that can be applied as an aid for Point-Sparring scoring with the use of a referee or as an in-class/at-home training tool at a more affordable price range. 
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