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TrueStudio Phoenix is an update to the original 2012/2013 TrueStudio + Game Box concept to accommodate changing technologies. After 7 years, it has reemerged as a more sophisticated and polished training tool. 


The Olympic Ring Manager System (RMS) is overloaded with complicated settings to allow it to navigate difficult environments while also limited to standard World Taekwondo (WT) rules and regulations. Set-up of the RMS can take more time that cuts into valuable class/training time. 


Based on the same technology used in TrueScore’s competition grade Point Scoring System, TrueStudio is modified for the day to day user of all ages. By adding different Games, TrueStudio also brings a gaming element that proves fitness/training and gaming fun don’t always have to be in conflict.


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TSP App Icon 1.png

TrueStudio Phoenix is now an Android App! Download the basic version to manually score a match or upgrade the App to TrueStudio Phoenix Core for access to the Point Scoring System features. 



Screen Mirroring.png

Use native Android Screencasting to project your android screen out to a monitor or TV. 


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TrueStudio Phoenix Hub connects the Gen2 PSS Electronics to the Android App. 

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