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Manage the ring with a specialized scoring system that directly corresponds with the e-hogu and e-headgear technology or with the hand held scoring trigger system.

- Easy to set up drivers and system
- Simple and partially customizable GUI
- Power threshold can be set so all weight classes can use same system
- System requirements: Windows XP to most recent Windows version and at least 2 USB ports

- 1 per ring connects to PC to obtain information sent from transmitters
- Frequency fortified to block interfering electronics at venue
Transmitters HOGU/HEAD
- Records and computes impact information and sends to receiver
- Signal fortified to cut through disruptions

- Wireless triggers provide simpler set up of competition
- Judges can move more freely without wires
- Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of control
- 1 point button for punches, 2 point button for duit-chagi and dollyo-chagi, 3 point button for head kicks

- Reversible red and blue sides
- WTF recognized and approved
- Same comfort as traditional non ehogu
- Scoring not affected by sweat or water
- Very resistant proximity and impact sensors
- Dual sensor system for heightened accuracy
- Sensors over the valid scoring areas
- Impact Sensor-measures impact level according to power and speed of strike
- Proximity sensor-recognizes contact with correct part of body for scoring to avoid mistakes
- Transmitter-receives information from sensors and sends information to the scoreboard

- Optional element for automatic 3-point scoring of head strikes
- By adding E-Headgear, a ring can eliminate or reduce the need for judging triggers
- Available in blue or red
- Same comfort as traditional non eheadgear
- Automatic scoring

- Sensors embedded all around protective gear
- Transmitter connected to the e-headgear
- Power threshold set up independent from ehogu

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