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The TrueStudio Shield Beta Program gives you the opportunity to test out one of our prototypes and provide your voice in the final product. It will give us real-life data and gives you the opportunity to influence the design for a product that meets your needs. Selection for the program is based on the applicant's commitment to using the product and providing insightful feedback. Those who sign up but are not selected for the Beta Program will still be given the opportunity for early access through pre-purchase when the final product is ready.  


Sign Up

Fill out the sign-up questionnaire to be considered for the program. Sign-ups end on August 27th, 2021.

Get Selected

Those selected will need to provide the refundable deposit and sign the Beta Contract before the shield ships. Selections will be made the week of August 30th, 2021.

Test It Out

For the next 2-3 weeks, put as much time on using the shield as possible. We will start collecting shields the week of Sept 20th, 2021

Give Feedback

At the end of the 2-3 weeks, provide your feedback using our form as a guide and send it to us along with the shield. Other comments and suggestions are welcome.

What's Next?

After sending back the shield, there will be two options for the refundable deposit: 

1. Request a refund of the initial deposit. Then wait for the final production model to be released to purchase. Those that participated and/or signed up for the program will be given higher priority to purchase before it is publicly available. 

2. Transfer the deposit as credit towards the purchase of the final production model to be released. We will prioritize fulfillment to the transferred deposits from the Beta Program. The only additional fees will be shipping and handling not to exceed $30.

How to Sign Up

This program is for participants located within the continental U.S. only. Participants must complete and submit the questionnaire. Selections will be made based on the applicant's response and not on a first come first serve basis. Those selected must agree to the terms and conditions of the Beta Contract in order to participate. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us via phone or email through our Contact Page.
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