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JIBASoft Inc and TrueScore have partnered to create a new app for mobile devices. TrueViewer is part of a new exciting way for spectators, coaches, friends and family to create videos of the competitors along with the real-time scores from the electronic Point Scoring System (PSS) in real-time.


TrueViewer Pro is the Instant Video Replay System extension that offers more to the event organizers than any other IVR System in the world.

TrueViewer Platform Features
TrueViewer PRO Features

Ring View/Scoreboard

-View all the active rings at once and get a quick status of floor activities.

-Have better control over the flow of the floor with color borders around the ring that indicate a ring’s status:

Green –Ongoing Match

Grey – Match assigned but not yet started

No Color – Match not assigned/ring empty

Yellow – Match time out/rest period

Pulsing – 5 seconds left in round

Instant Video Replay (IVR)

-Already integrated with the most widely used Point Scoring System in the world, Daedo/TrueScore

-Film on iPad Air supplied in rental package to ensure a high frame rate and clarity of image to make it easier for an official to make a decision

-Activity history of the match makes it easier to find the moment in discussion

-Hit levels of contacts appear as they occur during filming as well as during the replay

-Sound effects for impacts over the hit level registered in the activity history

-Rewinds 10 seconds from when the operator stops the video recording to capture the moment in discussion or in protest.

-Slide the bar on top to quickly move through the video

-Use dial to move between frames in slow motion

-Slow down all the way to frame by frame rate to find the exact moment

-Gestures make it easier to slow down or speed up the video with the flick of a finger


TrueViewer Mobile App Features

Default Scoreboard/Ring View

Active rings show scores of matches in progress. Rings with no matches are greyed out

Trueviewer App

  • Free download from Google Play and Apple App Store

  • Film a match directly from the mobile device with the score overlay information

  • Share the video after the match on various social media avenues

  • Post processing allows for an automatic high-light reel creation from the hits registered throughout a match

    • Alerts from the venue give customers information on relevant event information

    • Divisions called to holding

    • Updates on schedule

    • Pertinent information or announcements

  • Creates clips from videos taken throughout the match

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