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Updated March 2017


With the different versions of E-Footgear out there, it is easy to become confused about which version to use. The chart above shows the recommended PSS minimum qualifications for use of that particular type of E-Footgear. Most athletes are familiar with the Gen1 G4 E-Footgear because the Gen1 PSS (E-Hogu) is the most common PSS used at local, state, and national levels (USA in particular).


Some events also implement E-Headgear for higher ranking divisions and that is where the E-Heel is often seen. For a short amount of time, the E-Foot Complete was popular among those divisions because of the convenience of a single piece E-Footgear for E-Head events. Yet, there are advantages to having a detachable E-Heel like more versatile use/acceptance based on the regulations of various tournaments so the E-Foot Complete is rarely seen or purchased. 

In 2016, the Gen2 PSS was introduced at the Rio Olympics and with it, a new E-Footgear. Officially, the Gen2 E-Footgear is only to be used with the Gen2 PSS as the manufacturers/inventors intended. Yes, technically the Gen2 E-Footgear does work on a Gen1 E-Chestgear. However, the added sensors in the Gen2 E-Footgear make producing a scoring hit significantly easier. Thus, a fighter wearing Gen2 E-Footgear, competing with Gen1 PSS, will have an advantage over a fighter wearing Gen1 E-Footgear G4. To create a fair match and event, tournament directors and organizers are highly recommended to restrict the Gen2 E-Footgear usage to Gen2 PSS only. This is also in consideration of the vast majority of athletes so that they are not pressured to purchase a more expensive E-Footgear unnecessarily.

To put things in perspective, the Gen2 PSS was developed for higher level elite competition. It is generally more difficult to score as it requires higher levels of impact and technique. The appropriate divisions for Gen2 PSS are Black Belt Cadet, Junior, Senior Elite/World Class. The Gen1 PSS is thus recommended for all other divisions.  

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