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Sensorsports is a collaboration between TrueScore and Martial Athletes to bring sensor scoring to sports outside of Olympic Taekwondo. 

First of many adaptations to the scoring technology, TrueTAPS aims to provide a fair and transparent scoring aid to Point Sparring competition. Its primary objective is to assist referees in validating contact and differentiating the contact in different scoring zones. 

Providing services like referee training, product education, event support, and purchasing, Sensorsports will be a centralized point of access for TrueTAPS "Sensorsport Sparring" in the Point Sparring world. 

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Sensorsports will govern and develop Sport Karate Point Sparring within the TrueScore Championship Series at various venues and locations using TrueTAPS PSS technology. 

Other applications are also in development in a continuing effort to apply technology to sport scoring.

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