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TrueStudio Phoenix User Guide

Last updated 3FEB2021

Welcome to the User Guide for TrueStudio Phoenix! Use the Menu to quickly jump around the content.


If viewing on mobile, the Menu will not be applicable. 

Manual Scoring

The starting level of the application comes with a basic manual versus scoreboard. It does not require any additional purchases outside of the application to operate. 


Purchase the App on the Google Play Store. 


  • Press the Sparring tile to start Setup. Red Player and Blue Player can be reassigned new names. All other inputs are not needed. 

  • Time/Round sets how many minutes and seconds will be set per round. Input must be in MM:SS (ie 00:30 for 30 seconds or 02:30 for 2 minutes and 30 seconds). 

  • Number of Rounds will determine how many rounds in this match. 

  • Point ceiling defaults at infinity, but can be designated a number. Once a player reaches that number, that player automatically wins the whole match regardless of remaining rounds. 

  • Point Gap is the point difference between leading player points and trailing player points. If the point difference hits the Point Gap number, the player in the lead automatically wins the whole match regardless of remaining rounds.

  • Head Scores and Body Scores do not apply to Manual Mode but do display the WT standard Taekwondo scoring regulations. 

  • Once setup is complete, press Start to initialize the Scoreboard. Red and Blue side each have their own plus and minus buttons to add or subtract points by 1 point at time.

  • See Diagram of Understanding the Scoreboard for detailed explanation of the Scoreboard.

Manual Scoring

PSS Integrated

Hub Set-Up

HUB Back Bottom View.png
PSS Integrated
Hub Set-Up
  • Power port: Plug in power via cable

  • Receiver port: Connect Gen2 Receiver to port via cable

HUB Front Top View.png
  • Light indicators will provide status of the Hub

Upgrading TrueStudio Phoenix App

Upgrading TSP App
  • Each purchased Hub comes with a single use Phoenix Core upgrade Promo Code. It can be found in the original packaging of the Hub and is linked to its serial number.  

  • Redeem in the TrueStudio Phoenix App through the Pairing tile. 

  • A pop up window will appear. Press on the blue link to use the Promo Code that came with the Hub.

  • A Google Play "Redeem a gift card or promo code" screen will pop up where the Promo Code can be entered.  

  • If upgrading to the Phoenix Core without a Hub purchase, follow the same steps and tap on the "Purchase" button instead of the blue link in the text. 

Screenshot_Core Content Upgrade_TS Phoen


  • In the Pair screen, tap on the “Select Base Station” button to select the serial number of the Hub in use. 

  • Once paired, the chart below will populate with the connected devices. 

  • Status column will populate with colored circles to indicate device status

    • Green = transmitter is communicating and connected to E-Gear​

    • Yellow = transmitter is communicated and connected to E-Gear, but battery is low 

    • Red = transmitter is communicating but not connected to E-Gear

    • Gray = Hardware is not communicating

    • Black = Not applicable like in the case of a Body Transmitter not communicating, the corresponding Head Transmitter is shown as Black since a Head Transmitter without a Body Transmitter can not start a Game Mode. 

  • Gear column will show a Blue or Red colored Head or Body icon with the Group number for that transmitter at its center. 

  • Serial column will show the serial number that is registered. Sometimes a Receiver has pre-registered serials in its memory. Serial numbers can be overwritten or manually entered by pressing the pencil icon next to the number. Once entered and submitted, the Application will register that number with the Receiver.

Understanding the Scoreboard

Understanding Scoreboard
Scoreboard 1.png
Scoreboard 2.png
  • (1) Head and Body Transmitter Status lights

  • (1) Red Player and Blue Player Names

  • (2) Timer/Clock shows milliseconds for the last 10 seconds of each round. Replaced by “Match Over” at the end of the last round or if another winning criteria is met (Point Gap, Point Ceiling)

  • (3) Manually Add one point; Subtract one point for Red and Blue

  • (4) Round Number and Round Status: The number will indicate which round is currently in play. Color outline on circle = round in progress. Full Color circle = round completed. Black circle = round not yet started/rounds remaining to complete.

  • (5) Blue Point Total

  • (6) Navigation Bar: Return to Game Modes, Play/Pause/Replay, In-Game Setting

  • (6) Pause during a match: In-match, the navigation bar will disappear. To summon it, press anywhere on the scoreboard. Then press pause to pause the match.​

  • The winning player’s total score will flash at the end of the last round or if another winning criteria is met (Point Gap, Point Ceiling)

  • (6) Rematch will replace the Play/Pause in the navigation bar at the end of a match to start another match with the same Setup as the previously finished match. 




  • Q: Does TrueStudio Phoenix Core exist on any other operating system? 

  • A: TSP Core is only available on Android OS. 


  • Q: I paid for Core on Google Play Store because I didn’t know it came with my purchase of the TrueStudio Phoenix Hub. Can I get a refund on the extra App purchase?

  • A: Yes. Contact customer support and provide a receipt from Google Play Store as well as for the Hub purchase to pursue a refund. Alternatively, the extra App code can be applied to a different Android user device instead.  


  • Q: I lost the card with my TrueStudio Phoenix Core download code. What do I do?

  • A: Contact customer support and provide the TrueStudio Phoenix Hub serial number. 


  • Q: Can I use the Core code I received with my Hub on multiple devices? 

  • A: Each Hub has a linked unique Core code that can only be used once per Google Account User. After the Core code is redeemed the first time, Core can be downloaded to all the devices with the same Google Account User. If the devices have different Google Account Users, Core can only be downloaded to one of the devices. 


  • Q: Multiple people in my group want to have TrueStudio Phoenix Core on their Android devices, but I only bought one Hub so I only have one Core code. How do the other people download Core? 

  • A: For the other users that want to use the same Hub, they may purchase Core directly from the Google Play Store in the Core App through the Upgrade feature in Settings. 


  • Q: I already downloaded Core to use with someone else’s Hub, but decided to buy my own Hub. Can I get my Core purchase refunded? 

  • A: If the Hub was purchased within 30 days of the Core upgrade, a refund may be issued. Receipts will need to be presented to process the refund. 

Technical & Troubleshooting

  • Q: What does the solid Green Light mean?

  • A: If a green light persists and does not convert into a blue light, there is an issue with data transmission. Cycle power to the Hub to restart the connection process. If the green light still does not transfer to blue, contact customer support.


  • Q: What does the solid Red Light on the Left Side Facing LED mean? 

  • A: This indicates that the Receiver has been disconnected. Recycle power and restart the pairing process.  



FCC Numbers for the Hub

Contains FCC ID: A8TBM71S2 (BM71)

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

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